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The prescribed amount for any user taking our medication should be 1 capsule twice a day (1 in the morning and 1 at night),  however you are able to up the dosage by 1 capsule, meaning 2 pills twice a day. If no results are shown in the first week or two you are able to continuously do this until you feel the benefits of the product you are taking. But remember to please be patient with the process as natural products do take more time to take effect than the chemical pills majority of us use on a daily basis. However if you have upped the dosage by 3 pills 2 times a day and still do not feel the positive effects it should be giving in about a month of taking our products then please do consult with us as we are able to increase the strength of the pills on special request for our clients. Although this is a very rare incident that occurs it is possible that your body just needs a bit of a boost in strength as everyone is different in the way the medication will affect them as well as in how much time it will do so. 


Many people don’t always know the correct way to consume herbal powders and herbs that are “in its natural form”. It is important to know the reasoning for wanting the herbs first and knowing the benefits of each herb you are wanting to consume or use. The majority of herbs we have are powdered, so it is important to know how to consume it correctly. That being: either putting it in your teas or in boiled water and making teas out of the herbs, some even put it in their milk and juices to reduce the harsh taste some of the herbs might have. For the full raw herbs that are not grinded for example astragalus, if you were to buy it in its natural form (that not being powdered) You are able to let it soak in boiled water and drink it as a tea and that goes for a variety of the herbs out there but it is always good to know how to consume each one you are wanting before doing so. 

We even go as far as spices. The spices we have are mainly those used in cooking dishes and desserts. But some of our spices/herbs are used for much more than that  for example: our Ceylon Cinnamon sticks and powder, the sticks can be used in desserts and in cooking as well as the powder and used as a sweetener. It also has a variety of health benefits from taking it just like all the other spices we have which is why we have categorized it under the herbs category as people don't always use them for their normal everyday purpose. 

Discover excellent health benefits of Ginger 
Ginger Benefits

Ginger is not just a zesty root that adds a kick to your dish; it is a natural powerhouse for your overall well-being.

🧡H e a l t h B o o s t:
Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. A natural remedy for nausea, sore throats, and muscle pain.

🍲C u l i n a r y C h a r m:
From ginger-infused curries to Ginger tea, this root is a staple in many cuisines. The spicy, warm flavor transforms any dish into a culinary masterpiece.

🪴G r o w Y o u r O w n:
Grow your own exquisite root, as Ginger is a beginner-friendly plant that you can grow indoors.

Include Ginger in your diet to experience the powerful benefits this amazing root has to offer.

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